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About Me

My name is Becky Colvin. I've had a home business making and selling doll clothes and knitting patterns since 2004, when my now-12-year-old son Jeremy was just a baby.  I have loved creating realistic minature items, and am enjoying entering the size & world of American Girl dolls.

I live in beautiful Bend, Oregon in the United States.  Bend is considered high desert.  We get lots of sunshine, a bit of snow in the winter, and really enjoy being close to outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking.  My husband Larry & I have lived here for 19 years.

I'm a teacher by training, but I've been staying home since we adopted Jeremy at a day old.  He was joined just two years ago by Jordan, who we adopted at the age of 5.  With two active boys, it can be a little challenging to find time to knit, but I can be found knitting on a camp chair while my husband and sons ride dirt bikes, while the boys play at the local skate park, or out in the front of our house while they ride bikes and scooters up and down our street.  I often stick knitting in my purse when I have doctor's appointments, and I've even been known to slip out my knitting in church, too.  :)