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"Colvin Jeans & Skirts-R" Sewing Pattern for Riley & 20 cm Tinies

Sew-Cool Separates

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Sew-Cool Separates Presents. . .
"Colvin Jeans & Skirts"
A Sewing Pattern for 7 1/2" Riley & 20cm BJD Tinies

Pattern Description

Initially this pattern was just planning to share the steps for creating skirts-but when I came to the pattern pieces page, I realized it looked a little sparse!  I decided to share my little Riley jeans pattern (which has been free elsewhere on the internet before).



This sewing pattern gives instructions on how to create detailed denim jeans or skirts for Riley & friends.  You can choose to leave your jeans and skirts a solid color, but I also give instructions on how you can sandwash them to create the looks shown here.


These are teensy-tiny projects, but I give hints on how to make your tiny items with more ease.

  • lightweight denim or twill fabric.
  • thread in a coordinating color
  • Schmitz double needle (optional)
  • snaps
  • hand needle (for sewing on snaps)
  • hot-fix nailheads (I use the 2mm size)
  • Liquid Stitch fabric glue
  • pumice stone
  • plastic cutting board
  • bleach 

Item Basics
This purchase includes a SEWING PATTERN for you to create the items shown here.  The pattern includes step by step photographic instructions and the pattern pieces to create little skirts & jeans for your Riley or 20 cm BJD Tiny dolls. 

It does not include my dolls or their shoes or clothing.

The "add to cart" button on this page is for the PDF version of the pattern, which will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your payment. 

If you would prefer the hard copy version of the pattern, select it from the drop-down menu on the main sewing patterns page.  If you are an international buyer, be sure to add the "international shipping" for the number of HARD COPY versions of patterns you purchase.



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Buy the "Colvin Jeans & Skirts" PDF on Etsy!