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Knitting Patterns for Effner's Little Darlings

Sew-Cool Separates

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I sell my patterns in two formats--PDF and hard copy.  For instant delivery of the PDF version, the patterns are available on etsy and Ravelry.  The general links to my sales pages are above, or you can follow the link from individual pattern descriptions as well.  If you'd prefer a hard copy of the pattern, use the drop-down menu below to select your preferences. 
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS.  If you wish to purchase clothing or patterns, please add the "international shipping surcharge" to your cart to cover a portion of the shipping cost. 

International Shipping

Hard Copy Patterns-$10

PDF Booklets (One or two patterns--
generally 5-10 pages long, sent via email)--$7.50

Click on any title for a detailed description of the book or booklet and more pictures of the sweaters or projects.  Click on the "Add to Cart" buttons to purchase a PDF pattern.  Choose Hard Copy patterns from the drop down menu above.

"Light & Lacy-LD"--Lacy Tank Top for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Light & Lacy-LD" PDF on Etsy!


"Cheery Caps-LD"--Hats for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Cheery Caps" PDF on Etsy!

To the Little Darlings "Tees & Tops-LD" Sewing Pattern

"Crossover Collar Aran-LD"--Sweater for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Crossover Collar" PDF on Etsy!

"Versatile & Variegated-LD"--Yoked Sweaters & Cardigans for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Versatile & Variegated" PDF on Etsy!

"Curved & Cabled-LD"--Cabled Edged Shrugs and Sweaters for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Curved & Cabled" PDF on Etsy!

"Cowl-Neck Cutie-LD"--Cowl-Neck Mini-Dress for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Cowl-Neck Cutie" PDF on Etsy!

"Elegant & Interwoven-LD"--Aran Turtleneck for Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Elegant & Interwoven" PDF on Etsy!

"Enchanting Extras"--Knitted & Crocheted headbands & hats for 12-14" Girls--$7.50


Buy the "Enchanting Extras" PDF on Etsy!

"Pretty Plaits-LD"--Braid Front Sweater or Dress for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Pretty Plaits" PDF on Etsy!

"Heart Hoodie-LD"--Color Block Raglan for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Heart Hoodie" PDF on Etsy!

"Trendy Tunic-LD"--Cabled Sweater for 13" Little Darlings--$7.50


Buy the "Trendy Tunic" PDF on Etsy!